Organization of office relocation: preparation as the main part

Acquisition of a new, more spacious office space or change of rented area to a more profitable and suitable for work – all this means for the enterprise the need to organize and implement an office move. There is no doubt that its scale frightens even experienced managers who started managing the company, even at the time of its formation, when it was necessary to solve a number of difficult organizational issues. However, if you take care of the timely preparation of the event and turn to professionals for help, there will be no problems.

First of all, stop replaying scary stories in your head about a long move, broken appliances, and damaged furniture. It is not worth remembering hundreds of times the well-known saying about comparing a move with a fire – all these problems can be avoided, even when the amount of office equipment and property is large enough.

In order not to stop the work of the office for a long time, make a list of priority types of equipment, machinery and documents that need to be transported and installed in the new office in the first place. They should be prepared and handed over to the specialists of the moving company, immediately after their arrival at the place, so as not to delay the transportation. And then, when all the most important things are delivered, you can start transporting minor items that are not particularly necessary.

Involving staff in an office move does not mean giving employees the role of loaders, professionals can handle this work. But to prepare part of the property for the upcoming transportation is quite within the power of each of the office workers. Assign “roles”, indicating to subordinates who is responsible for what, so that they help complete the transportation as soon as possible.

In the inventory process, look for items and furniture that you can safely part with due to wear and tear or uselessness. You should not drag them with you to a new office – ask the movers to take out and dispose of everything that has become unusable and cannot be repaired.

As for packing things, entrust this work to movers. Thanks to the high level of professional training, there will be no problems with this part of the move, and not a single paper or pen will be lost, lost in endless boxes and packages.