Transportation of a cast-iron bath – how to pack and load in order to deliver in integrity

What you need to know about moving a bathtub with

A cast-iron bathtub is an indestructible object: it will not bend or break. And some people decide to transport it on their own. Why call specially trained people if there are no risks? We’ll tell you why you shouldn’t do it.

Reason 1. Carrying a cast-iron bath on the roof of a car will damage the vehicle. You can find many amazing stories on the Internet, how such a hulk was transported on the roof of “penny” or “shahi”. And everything is fine – all the doors are closed, the car runs, as if nothing had happened. But we warn you, take pity on the car, it is not designed for such loads. On the roof you can carry cargo up to 50 kg, but not 150-200. Ordering a service from our moving company is much cheaper than doing repairs after a dashing bathtub transportation.

Reason 2. Still, a cast-iron bath can be ruined. She is not afraid of any blows or deformation, and the enameled coating may suffer from inaccurate transportation. Chips and scratches – that’s what can appear due to improper packaging and rough loading. It will be a shame if the bathtub has to be restored after transportation.

Reason 3. A cast-iron bath can ruin a beautiful interior. If you entrust the loading to unprepared people, be prepared for dents on the floor and walls, flaws on the door jambs. Of course, you can treat these dents with tenderness, as a reminder of a pleasant event – moving. But if you don’t want any dents in your home, leave your cast iron bathtub loading to the professionals.

The conclusions are:

required packaging;
loading and unloading operations are carried out carefully;
The vehicle must have sufficient carrying capacity;
The load must be secured in the vehicle.

Transportation of an acrylic bathtub

This material is more capricious, so the packaging must be taken responsibly. First, the bathtub is wrapped with an air bubble wrap, and a propylene tape is placed on top for fixing. Particular attention is paid to the ends – this is the most vulnerable part – they are protected with corrugated cardboard and stretch film. Next, the bath is placed in a wooden frame to prevent distortion. And only then they load and transport.