Office relocation inexpensively: planning expenses

An office move with boston packers and movers is an event that needs to be prepared in advance. The earlier and more thoughtfully the nuances are worked out at the preparation stage, the more economical the move will be.

You need to start by compiling a detailed list of property and a plan for arranging furniture in a new place. Think in advance whether all office furniture and office equipment is needed in the new premises? Unclaimed property can be put into temporary storage, sold or disposed of. As practice shows, this turns out to be more profitable than carrying unnecessary pieces of furniture or equipment from office to office.

Evaluate the dimensions of elevators, stairs, whether there are any restrictions on access roads and when it is possible to use elevators (the administration of the business center does not always allow transporting bulky goods during working hours) – this will determine how easy and fast your move will be. In the list of property, take into account not only the amount of furniture, but also the dimensions of cabinets and tables, especially note if there are items that require increased attention (for example, exclusive furniture from the manager’s office, an aquarium, a heavy safe that will require rigging, etc.) .

Invite a moving company specialist to your office. Familiarize him in detail with the property, conditions, terms of moving, set him the task of optimizing costs. Feel free to voice that you need an inexpensive office move. Let the manager make an estimate of the cost of transportation and, if necessary, the cost of storing part of your property. After studying the presented commercial offer, you can make your choice based on the numbers.